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Wonderful ~ Super Simple Story. ^_^

Yak, kali ini kita akan bernostalgia ke masa imut saya. Sebuah buku mini yang berisi Super Simple Short Stories berikut ini; Ada pesan moril sederhana di balik kesederhanaan ceritanya lho. Mari disimak:


1st Story
Getting Other People's Opinions and Ideas.

When I was child, there were some people I respect a lot. My Uncle John, Mr. Fulton, and Miss Ellis. Here are the reasons:

Uncle John, I always thought that he knew everything about the world; He had travelled and seen all its things. I believe anything he told me about those amazing places.

Mr. Fulton, He is a Baseball Pro Player. When I wanted to know anything about Baseball, I will asked him. There was nothing that he didn't know about that game. He really good, he also know how to explain about it nicely. 

Miss Ellis, She is my teacher, she was an expert on nature and I always believed all the things she told our class. That's makes me more intersted about plants and animals.

During my time growing up and learning, i enjoy all the wonderful things they taught me.

Until the day when i was Sixteen years old, i always thought that my parents really didn't know things very much. It was only me that knew everything.

Then when i was Eighteen, i realized that my Mother and my Father had learn a lot in just two years. I felt so guilty of what i've thought about them before. (While they were nice people and i loved them).

Now i respect their opinions and ideas on a different subjects. Though it took two years to realize that they always had this best idea all the time: Parent's love is true. Family's happines is their priority.


2nd Story
Making Plans For Holidays.

We know that there always a long holiday season at the end of the year. So I'm taking my family (My Wife and our Children) abroad this holiday.

There is one other person will join us for the trip, my older brother. He is a farmer and he never been overseas before. He'll take a bus to our house, and then from here, we're all go together.

It took us a long time to decide where and how to go. At first me and my family wanted to fly because it would be faster and would give us more time for a sight-seeing.

But my brother was very anxious to take a boat trip, and then I re-think about it

Start the plans; We are going to New York by train, and then take a ship to Europe. When arrive in Europe, we'll rent a car and drive wherever we want. At the end of the day, we'll return the car and go back home by plane.

Well, I guess the kids will enjoy it too. So I'm sure that we have planned a very interesting trip.


Hi, my name is Lisa. There's a holiday next week and i can't decide what to do because 'm like in dilema. One side, I have a lot of work to do at home, and this would be good chance to do it all in holiday. But in another side, i think i need some fun and refreshing, so i'd rather not to spend the holiday that way. I can work at home all the rest of the year.

Last year i went to north to the mountains. Everything was beautiful, but it is too cold and too far for a short holiday. This is not a good time to go to the mountains. But still i do want to go to somewhere.

Perhaps this would be a good chance to go to the beach. I like to go for walks along the seashore in the warm sunshine and watch the water. It's only about eighty miles and i could get in about two hours.

After thinking it over. I'm sure that this is a good time for a seashore than mountains. Yes, i guess i'll plan to go to the beach next week.

Oh but........ wait.... A text from Jim..

He's going to visit his house at the mountains this holiday, and he want me to go with him. Now i start to confuse.

After giving it some more thoughts, i guess it wasn't too cold last year, and (perhaps) it might be rain at the seashore and then i wouldn't enjoy it at all.

The mountains are only 300 miles away, i think i'll reply Jim right now and tell him that i'll go with him next week.


3rd Story
Talking About The Weather.

As the American author Mark Twain once said: "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it"

Yes, it is true, a topic about the weather is the most common subject of conversation. Just like; "Isn't it a nice day?" Or "Do you think it will rain?" Or "I think it's going to snow". (Those are some common ways to start a conversation.)

Many people think that they're hard to agree with each other. One may say: "Do you see how cloudy it is in the east? So I think it's going to rain tomorrow". Another man will say: "Yes it's cloudy in the east, but i think it will be fine tomorrow".

People often wishing for the weather they needed. A farmer needs water, he only looks for something to tell him it's going to rain; He won't believe anything else. A group of friends have a picnic plan, they wish that the weather will stay clear so that they going to make a perfect picnic.

Almost everyone listen to what weatherman (or now a weather app) says. But we know that they doesn't always tell us the correct one as we want, and once in a while they makes a mistake, still, they probably comes closer to being correct than anyone else.


Itu dia, sebuah buku lawas. Terdiri dari beberapa chapter, ada bermacam cerita singkat, beserta percakapan dan daftar kosakata penting sesuai topik. Benar-benar basic, tapi asyik. Mengenai ketepatan grammar atau semacamnya, itu urusan lain saja ya, yang penting cerita dan pesannya itu lho, mantap.

Oh tapi, bukunya sudah tidak utuh, soalnya itu buku waktu kecil, agak lasak, setelah baca ya digeletakkan, lalu pergi main. Pulang dari bermain, "sok" baca lagi. Wiihh indahnya masa itu, sesuka hati, ujung-ujungnya di jewer dah, ihihihi.

Keluarga saya pun beberapa kali berpindah tempat tinggal, ya gitu deh jadinya. Sampul buku, halaman awal, dan banyak pages pada hilang. Saya tak tahu lagi itu buku judulnya apa, karangan siapa. (Sedih.. Maafkan saya)

Namun masih beruntung juga sih, saya masih bisa mempertahankan bagian yang tersisa sampai hari ini. Akan terus disimpan, untuk anak dan cucu saya nanti. Atau semoga bisa sekalian bikin Perpustakaan untuk anak-anak kurang mampu dan umum juga. Yeaaaaa. Amiiin. ^_^

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